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Looking at how some sections of Hoboken are finally “shaping up,” as the last few parcels of land are getting built on – it’s makes me wonder.

One, some condo spots in town look practically identical to each other. I can imagine how some people (if they had too much to drink), might actually get lost and confused walking home. Condos look that similar. Like a manufactured village. Or something out of The Truman Show. (Which was a great movie, BTW…)

Two, I’m also curious about the longevity of these cookie-cutter condos they slap together. Using the lowest possible building materials and so on. Some apartments we’ve lived at in Hoboken were built in the 1800’s – and still had another 100+ years of life left in them.

How long can these cheaply-built places last before needing gut-renovations or completely leveled and re-built from the ground up?

Sure some taller buildings (concrete and steel) could last a long time – but it’s more these wood & aluminum 4-5 story entire square block buildings I’d be more concerned about long-term.

Either way, the overall feel in the newer areas isn’t synonymous with “neighborhood” the way the older areas feel. You hardly ever see people out on their stoops talking with one another. Just empty sidewalks with an occasional person heads-down on their phone walking by.

What could be done to inspire developers to “Make Hoboken Neighborhoods Great Again?” Or is it way too late?

Hoboken Cookie Cutter Condos

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All about the money. And the people willing to pay for it.


The Levittown of Hoboken. Don’t look know but Morristown is going this way to w a project call the Bank-Market. It is deemed “human-centered” space. Well not if you can’t find your way because everything looks the same!