When will the hypocrisy end?

City offenders – when will the hypocrisy end?

We all need to keep the parking hypocrisy at the top of the list in Hoboken at all times.

I’ll say it again: Those “laws” that the city enforces on YOU (via financial penalty or worse if you do not pay) were enacted to maintain some order in the city, as well as for “safety” reasons.

Thus, the city has no logical right to park in those prohibited spaces for non-emergency uses. Plain and simple. There is no excuse, nor should there be any immunity for violators.

Until they either repeal all parking laws – or find a way to stop violating them themselves – I will keep reminding everyone that they hypocrisy happens multiple times a day.

Why aren’t the people (especially those hardest hit by the fines) burning torches at city hall?

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Why are others not fighting? have you ever fought one and saw the maneuvers/commentaries of the Judge and prosecutor? Did you notice that the honest prosecutor did not have his contract fully renewed.


People aren’t fighting because it is not an issue. How do we know that the operator of that vehicle was not in the park collecting garbage? How do we know that the operator of the vehicle was not acting within the scope of his duties?