Parking stickers: Failed inspections

7/11/2008 Update:


Looks like Hoboken411 gets action once again!

Now, the city website has a “Notice to all Hoboken residents”:

“City of Hoboken residents that own a Hoboken Residential Parking permit have been requested by the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission (NJMVC) to remove their Permit Decal from the front of their windshield to the rear of their vehicles to balance the many important issues involving the public at large. “

Maybe if they had listened to people who raised the red flag about this in the first place when John Corea introduced these oversized RFID decals Hoboken’s motoring pubic wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!




I’m no lawyer, but it seems as if Hoboken’s own city ordinance dictating where you should place your residential parking sticker is in violation of a NJ State Statute. Several Hoboken411 readers have sent in the same complaint.

Failed inspection because of Hoboken sticker

hoboken-resident-parking-sticker-failed-inspection.jpg“Took my car to Secaucus this morning for inspection (I was a month overdue – whoops). My car failed, for one reason – because of my Hoboken parking sticker on the front windshield. When the inspector guy told me about it, I was dumbfounded – I’ve never had an issue with the sticker before, but suddenly it’s causing me to fail? He claimed “you have to move it, you can’t have it there anymore”, as in, there was some change in the law (or enforcement) regarding this since it was inspected last.

I just got off the phone with the Hoboken Parking Authority and they said that not only did this catch them by surprise, but that I was the third person to call this morning (by 10:30 AM) about it. She said that they’re looking into it (the woman on the phone was very helpful) and that they talked to someone else at the inspection station who said that they personally would not have failed the vehicle because of the windshield parking sticker. She also said that Hoboken checked out the parking sticker placement three years ago to verify that it was legal.

So what’s the deal? Did the state suddenly change the rules? Or is there just one vindictive inspector at Secaucus (mine was name Damian) who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and decided to be extra-stringent? (I was furious when he said it failed- now I have to waste another morning going out there.)”

The Law

For one, here’s Hoboken’s ordinance on where the sticker should be placed:

However, here is the NJ Statute that says that’s a no-no:

If I get a chance, I’ll stop down to city hall and ask why they didn’t realize this, and if it’s “OK” to place the RFID resident sticker in the REAR windshield. Otherwise, just keep in mind that if you go to inspection, you might want to remove this sticker ahead of time, and re-apply once inspection is completed. After all, it’s only once every two years.

Hoboken Legal Beagle says:

Hoboken legal beagleOh, and in a bonus “Hoboken Legal Beagle” entry, here is what the scruffy flying dog had to say about it:

“I have no idea about parking sticker location law but like I often say to those troubled by the most minor inconveniences in life (think Iraq, Darfur, etc) “that’s life in the big city” And I must comment on your “Fury”, did your blood pressure rise, did you stamp your feet, did you cry for or mommy to make it all better. Leave Damian alone, I am sure he was only doing his job, did you feel all good inside calling him out. Hoboken said it checked the law three years ago, the DMV said the law was changed recently so what about the logical thought that Damian was just enforcing a new law instead of some ridiculous comment about a vindictive inspector, why vindictive? Because he had to work on Saturday and deal with ignorant people like you, or did you think him vindictive because as a working man he is seeking revenge on those non Saturday workers. I could go on but I don’t want you to become all furious and vindictive and stuff.”

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7 years 8 months ago

The Legal Beagle woke up on the wrong side of the doggie bed. What kind of advice is that? Maybe I misunderstood their gripe, but really thought they were seeking to understand the ‘new’ law, not asking for advice on how to handle an annoying situation.

Horse n Buggy
7 years 8 months ago

Can we sell the legal beagle to Michael Vick, please!

7 years 8 months ago

Legal beagle is very angry…must be little doggie syndrome!

strand tramp
7 years 8 months ago

“deal with ignorant people like you…” that’s nice. the law abiding taxpayer is one again caught between conflicting laws from the State and the City. 411 chooses to propose this quandry to the community. then this sh1t head lawyer uses the opportunity to call the victim “ignorant”…must be that same racist scumbag lawyer that posted here before with a useless rant, showing his colors for all to see. hey ambulance chaser, hope you’re in the next one!

7 years 8 months ago

If Legal Beagle has “no idea about parking sticker location” then that is all he has to say. As the Legal Beagle your only responsibility is to point to the factual aspects of the law, not your opinions on how the person handled themselves after having failed. The writer of the email never said he “stamped” his/her feet or even mouthed off to Damian so why assume it? Maybe the Beagle needs to be euthanized? As for the aspect of failing. Couldn’t the poster simply rip off the tag in front of Damian and either pass or reenter the line?… Read more »