Handicapped parking privileges?


Here’s a mini photo slide show of the privileged handicapped parker getting a free pass.

On a side note, I heard that this “privilege” will be revoked soon, and those that “allowed” it, shouldn’t have. Burn!


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Here’s an interesting debate for today:

Should only certain “handicapped” drivers be afforded special “courtesies?”


All for one, none for all

I received information that a particular car on Washington Street (pictured) has been angering nearby residents for some time.

The premise: Mr. “HU6977″ has a reserved handicap spot near 821 Washington Street. This spot is to be used only by the vehicle listed on the sign, and is clearly marked with blue painted lines. Normally, this is understood as “I need to be close to my home, so I do not have to walk far due to my disability.” In this case, the driver of this car supposedly has “a limp.”

hoboken-handicapped-parking-logo.gifThe problem: Apparently, Mr. “HU6977″ hates to move his car for street cleaning, and often parks on a nearby “Friday street cleaning” side street, as not to have to get up and move his car each morning. This, while the spot on Washington street remains empty, and there is one less valid spot on the side street. This is part one of what has angered neighbors.

The problem, part 2: Moving the car to the side street seems to be too much for Limpy, and he made some calls to City Hall, and a couple officials (not to be named) offered Mr. “HU6977″ a special “courtesy.” He can leave his car on Washington Street Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday without receiving a street cleaning summons. What has really pissed people off is that this courtesy only seems to be for this one handicapped person, not all.

  • Should ALL handicapped drivers be offered the SAME special “courtesy?”
  • What about handicapped spots on side streets that are only cleaned once-a-week? Should they be allowed to leave their car the first and third week of the month?

The resident was most concerned that this “courtesy” was only offered to one privileged person, and feels that the either the same courtesy should be offered to all handicapped drivers, or none at all.

Is this once again an abuse of city “power?”

I’m so tempted to publish the names of who was responsible, but I will contain myself and just leave as is.


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  1. plaintruthiness says:

    [quote comment=”90383″][quote comment=”90381″][quote comment=”90380″]sorry, don’t see some big scandle. I remember a few years ago the signs had actual names on them. They were then chnaged to remove the names and use permit numbers. It seemed to me that many HC signs were removed and the process was tightened. If it were as rampant as B&RinHOB thinks, there would be 3-4 spots per block.

    Again Matt, two different things. glass half full/half empty. you think (believe) that Hoboken is full of scamming getovers. Consistant patterns of abuse everywhere. Not only in the administration but in the neighborhood and community as well. I repsectfully disagree.[/quote]

    Some blocks have 3 or 4 spots on them already.[/quote]

    Check out 7th between Garden and Willow.
    Its 25% handicap parking.[/quote]
    I thought the street’s pretty flat there, but it definitely appears to be a SLIPPERY SLOPE to me! Wait until it’s 50% before complaining.

  2. matt_72 says:

    [quote comment=”90392″][quote comment=”90376″][quote comment=”90370″]Matt, defend what? It’s two different things. HC Permit Apologists?? What is that? What does believing that someone has the right to apply for and receive a HC permit under the laws of the State and City have to do with someone fudging a space so the spouse has someplace to park. Two differnet things. Douche move – maybe but not the crime of the century. I’m sure many even on this board would do it if they could.[/quote]

    It is a consistent pattern of abuse that shows a complete disregard for the neighbors and community as a whole. It may not be crime of the century – but I know if I lived next door, I’d bitch them out every time I saw them. And you don’t think how they game the parking spots to guarantee the equivalent of almost 3 parking spots in front of their unit shows that they will game the system in other ways? I bet they do cr*p like this in just about every facet of their lives……

    And Hoboken clearly doesn’t handle the HC permits all that well if someone’s son (with a non-HC plate) can inherit a HC parking spot and have it transitioned over to his non-HC plate.[/quote]

    I don’t understand why you would think that anyone who doesn’t mind HC spots in extreme cases would even think of defending people who are obviously abusing the privilege.

    One has absolutely nothing to do with the other and I think everyone would agree that when caught, people should be slapped with a stiff fine, have their application investigated to ensure they actually need it.

    If it were me, and I saw this happening, I don’t know if confrontation is as useful as some cellphone pics illustrating the parking spot shuffle and evidence that the person this space is for is really not as disabled as they claim.[/quote]

    And who will fine these individuals? The same corrupt city hall that gave out the assigned parking spots to their friends & family? Uh – sure.

  3. MidnightRacer says:

    [quote comment=”90056″][quote comment=”88122″]Don’t know, will have to walk by after work tonight. Is it common for there to be 2 tandem reserved spots like that for the same address, one after another? Not sure when it happened, but originally it was just the one. I’ll see if I can remember to post it tonight – I work long hours.[/quote]

    i would hope it’s for two different people. if 1 person has two cars or two people in the same unit…that’s just not necessary. i’d agree that it is excessive. there must be more to the story though….i hope![/quote]

    [quote comment=”88114″]What are the plate numbers on both signs? The same of different?[/quote]

    Finally remembered to check while walking to the bus. There is only 1 plate (permit) on the sign and there are 2 spots which are reserved for that single permit. If anyone wants to see for themselves, it’s on 7th between Willow and Park (closer to Willow) on the north side.

    I used to see an older 1990’s Volvo parked there but now that older Volvo is parked wherever it can find a spot and – now – the 2 handicap reserved spots have 2 very new Volvos there.

    Who knows…

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