The Powder Room Studio

The Powder Room Studio Hoboken, NJ – 302 First Street

Can’t keep up with this revolving door of a salon space at 302 First Street. Stella’s, Xquisite, Sunny’s, and now a place called “The Powder Room Studio.”

Not much you can say about a salon other than whether the staff is nice and your hair-cutter is good. We don’t go there, so we cannot say. But their prices seem to be fair (says $25 and up for a haircut…)

The whole “creative concept” behind this room with chairs and mirrors is an Audrey Hepburn theme.

Good luck to The Powder Room Studio! Maybe they can hold tight for a few years at least before the name changes once again.

The Powder Room Studio Salon Hoboken NJ 302 First Street

Description: Beauty salon.
Address: 302 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-5257

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