Chicken Factory now open

7/20/2010 Update / Mini Review:

Chicken Factory: First Korean Eatery in Hoboken

What the Hoboken Chicken Factory is NOT: A full-fledged “chicken establishment.”

What the Chicken Factory IS: Hoboken’s first Korean restaurant that serves chicken wings, and other Korean-style dishes.

Much has changed since owners Kenneth Kang and his partner Cory originally planned the Chicken Factory at 529 Washington Street. Once destined to be a Korean-style chicken establishment, their focus has shifted towards “what Hoboken was lacking.” So while the name stuck – the menu has (and will) feature dishes well beyond the chicken-only premise.

Opening this past weekend, the Chicken Factory is essentially just “ramping up” their operations – and is currently using a temporary limited menu. (click to see menu)

Besides cook-to-order wings, a handful of other Korean meals are currently available while they get up to speed. For the purpose of a quick taste-test, I tried the Bulgoki – which is Korean Barbecued Beef with vegetables and rice. A very “clean” tasting meal, with tender beef and mildly spicy vegetables. I’m not sure what those extra spicy pickles are called, but they offer a great contrast to the rest of the dish. The rice was well prepared and “sticky.” The meal also came with a small miso soup, which is a very basic soup – but was one of the best I’ve had in Hoboken so far.

Want wings? Plan ahead and call your order in

One thing hungry residents ought to know: If you want to pick up some wings to sample – note that they make them to order, and take about 20 minutes. Some Hoboken411 readers had a tough time getting their orders when they walked in off the sidewalk this past weekend – suffering from frustratingly long waits. It’s the reason I chose to try the Bulgoki yesterday, because Kenneth told me how long they take, and I didn’t have the time. So phone your orders in!

Chicken Factory’s website is currently under construction – but you can follow them on Twitter.

Full menu and indoor seating expected to come in the next month or two. In the meantime, have some patience and welcome Kenneth, Cory and Chicken Factory to the neighborhood!

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7/9/2010 Update:

Hoboken Chicken Factory hopes to open by July 17

Spoke with the owners of the Chicken Factory at 529 Washington Street yesterday, and they said they hope to open for business on Saturday, July 17th.

I personally can’t wait, because there is no decent dedicated chicken establishment in town at the present moment. Not even close. Their phone number is (201)683-8243 and menu coming soon.

Empty space finally occupied by Chicken Factory

3/22/2010 Update:

We’ve been debating what’s coming next to the retail spot at 529 Washington St. (formerly the home of Good Kleen Fun – and once thought to be an organic yogurt place..) – and now the debate is over.

Chicken Factory, while far from being open, has decided to play with the “chicken and egg” theory, and has installed their awning prior to any substantial interior construction. This ought to generate some good buzz for Hoboken passerby. Kudos to them for choosing an eye-catching exterior that stands out on a rather bland strip of the avenue.

Hoboken411 has already received a few emails from excited residents, who are tired of the sub-standard chicken establishments (i.e., Cluck-U Chicken – who some have said “only good when drunk.”)

Hopefully they can wow residents once they open.

1/13/2010 Update:

[Continuing the second week of the “What’s Next for Hoboken?” series here on Hoboken411…]

More retail shopping or what?

The old Good Kleen Fun spot at 529 Washington St. was originally going to become that “So Green Yogurt” but I think Hoboken may have met its quota for frozen treats (at least midtown and south).

So what shop would work here? What do people want, need or would be willing to spend money on?

Perhaps The Farside Bar & Grill next door would consider expanding into this space? Make it a giant Nintento Wii and Karaoke room or something? Just tossing ideas out there to try and help ignite the Hoboken economy a bit…

What next at Good Kleen fun spot in Hoboken NJ

8/5/2009 Update:

Doomed before they started

Word on the street is that So Green Yogurt has abandoned plans to open up in Hoboken – and the space is once again available for lease.

Suppose the yogurt trend petered out pretty quick here. So head over to Koa Koa instead!


2/16/2009 Quick Update:

“Within a month”

Was walking down Washington Street yesterday and spoke with workers on site over at So Green Yogurt. Much progress has been made on the interior – and was told they hope to open within a month. I would have taken a photo, but was tied up with my dog Oscar, and was eating a banana split at the same time.

10/9/2008 Update:

As Hoboken411 mentioned over four months ago – here’s a little update to the So Green Yogurt site… They have a sign in the window!


Here’s a little business update for this afternoon…

So Green Yogurt coming to Hoboken

Supposedly taking the place of Good Kleen Fun at 529 Washington Street, is So Green Yogurt.

Not sure of the opening date (they plan on enlarging/modifying the interior a bit – good luck with the permits, and get to know the H.A.T.T., folks!) but it does seem strange if the rumored Pinkberry is going to replace Emack & Bolio’s. (perhaps it was a mix-up?)


Speaking of Good Kleen Fun, Andrea’s last day there is this Saturday, May 31st. If you’d like to stop by and wish her well, please do so. Also, her cast-iron clawfoot bathtub is for sale if you’re interested!

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good kleen fun
7 years 8 months ago

If anyone is interested in the cast iron clawfoot tub, please contact me ASAP at

Please note that the store will be vacant on Saturday.


7 years 4 months ago

I’m struck by the branding.

What’s the appeal of “So Green Yogurt?”

The color of what’s sold? Yuck–who wants to eat green yogurt?!

That it’s piggy-backing onto the “green movement”?

7 years 4 months ago

If this tastes like pinkberry, yolato, etc. (which i think it does)then I am a big fan. It is definitely an acquired taste so I am not sure if it will take off but I know I will be there.

7 years 4 months ago

No-o-o-o-o-o-o! Stop it with the non-fat crap, already!

Whatever happened to delicious, rich and creamy old-fashioned ice-cream? Why did you have to eat so much of it, America, that now it’s practically illegal to enjoy a homemade, fattening scoop frozen goodness?

Aw, man!

Phooey. 👿