Hoboken Monday Morning QB


You ever have one of those weekends where nothing got accomplished?

Well Hoboken411 (me) just had one (first in a VERY long time…), and believe me, it’s no fun come Monday morning. I’ll spare you the details, and sum up some random Hoboken items to start the week:



Did you experience any of these?

Water problems again seemed to pop up over the weekend, along with some other incidents I ran across when I caught up with my email:


  • There was a sink-hole and water issue over at 11th and Park early Sunday Morning. Residents lost water for a few hours, but it was quickly repaired. A Cadillac SUV was in danger as well.
  • Another water main break was reported over at 1st and Harrison.. nothing major, but a steady flowing stream was called in by an HPD officer.
  • A Hoboken411 reader mentioned a street brawl on Saturday night (Sunday morning) near Maggie’s Place bar. He claimed it was a “loud band of hoodlums fighting for 20 minutes” and that “the police never even showed up.” He claimed he is upset that he “pays a lot of property taxes and there was zero police presence.” I didn’t have the chance to ask him if he even bothered calling the cops. This is the kind of weekend I had.
  • Lastly, one reader was miffed that I mentioned “personal happenings” in my Twitter account. Hey, I never promised what it was going to be, I just put it on the right sidebar for sh*ts and giggles. He no longer “follows” me on Twitter. I’m heartbroken. I guess he’ll miss the breaking news now that I’m back from “vaca.”

Upcoming for May:

Here’s some notable upcoming items you might be interested in (or not)….


That’s it for now.

See you in an hour for more Hoboken-related stories!

Stay dry today!

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strand tramp
strand tramp
8 years 5 months ago

don’t we ave a curfew in this town for minors?

8 years 5 months ago

I’ve noticed it too. This time of year is problematic because the windows are open for the first time, but this year seems worse than the last few. I think the increased population in the NW has a lot to do with it as people take their loud walk home from Washington at 2AM.

8 years 5 months ago

There seemed to be a lot of street noise on Willow on Saturday night. I had to chase about 10 teens off of our front steps at 2am who were sitting there and talking loudly. There were 2 or 3 other minor incidents of groups of people screaming at each other walking down the street. This seems to be getting worse as I seem to get woken up every Saturday night now. I know some residents deal with this a lot but I haven’t had a regular problem until now. Is this something other’s have been noticing as well?