St Ann’s Church


Description –
Catholic church
Services – Daily masses
Website –
Address – 704 Jefferson St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-2097
Telephone – (201) 659-1114

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3 Comments on "St Ann’s Church"

5 years 11 months ago

Is it really necessary for the church bells to toll on the hour at 2am and then play a 60 second melody?

5 years 11 months ago

Apparently the folks at St Ann’s think its necessary to play music every hr on the hr all night as it wasn’t just at 2am, it was 11pm, 12am, 1am, 2am, etc…I finally got up at 5:00am when it woke me up for the 3rd time. They also played 15 min of chirstmas carols every hr on the hr all day for a month and a half – even after the Epiphany was over. I think it stopped sometime around Jan 15. I have emailed our ward’s councilman about this. please email him too as he is trying to talk… Read more »

5 years 11 months ago

It’s like an Ice Cream truck, but instead of ice cream, they’re selling Jesus.