Hoboken Breaking News Corner


Since it’s next to impossible for me to be awake 24 hours a day, I’ve created a new category today.


Breaking News Corner

This section will be reserved EXCLUSIVELY for “citizen reported” breaking news events, and can be utilized to discuss any important stories or incidents BEFORE (or IF) they get published as an entry on Hoboken411. Please comment in this section only for those types of incidents.

If the incident warrants it’s own story on 411, you can continue the conversation there (once I put it up). I’ll do my best to add the appropriate link(s) in the comment section here.

Do’s and Dont’s

hoboken-breaking-news-corner.gifUse this entry only for breaking news items such as:

  • Fires
  • Severe auto accidents (with injuries, or multiple cars, etc. – not minor fender benders)
  • Flooding
  • Building Collapses
  • Injury/Death to prominent Hoboken figure (politician, celebrity, etc.)
  • Water Main breaks
  • Crimes (muggings, riots/big fights & brawls, shootings, etc.)

Do NOT use this section for:

  • Political purposes (to quote another source, or mention some kind of press release or statement from a local pol)
  • Rants and Raves (there are sections already for that)
  • Anything not considered breaking news (stuff like “I almost got hit by a car” – you can put that in the rant section)

That’s it! Hopefully, there won’t be too many severe or disastrous items clogging up this category, but we all know it’s inevitable.

Have a great week everyone!

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7 years 9 months ago

The PATH train is not working from Journal Square/ Hoboken to 33rd Street. Apparently some sort of smoke issue. Any additional news would be helpful.

7 years 9 months ago

April 30 (Bloomberg) — Rail service on two PATH train lines between New York and New Jersey was halted today after a fire damaged signals and power cables at a Manhattan station. The suspension will last through the evening rush hour. PATH service was stopped between the 33rd Street station in Manhattan and the Hoboken and Journal Square stations in New Jersey about noon local time after the blaze broke out in a manhole east of the Christopher Street station, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said in a statement. No one was injured, although a downtown… Read more »

7 years 9 months ago

“after the blaze broke out in a manhole east of the Christopher Street station”

Can’t help but laugh on that one. “Blaze” sounds like a nickname o and “manhole” east of Christoper St sounds like it might be the name of a Bar in that neighborhood.

7 years 8 months ago

Some guy in a shirt and tie just got arrested outside of 928 Willow. I’m not sure what the story was, however.

strand tramp
7 years 8 months ago

the parking ticket squad is on the job!