Hoboken City Council Meeting 6/17/2015

Hoboken City Council Meeting of June 17, 2015

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream.

A few items of note for tonight’s meeting:

  • Yikes! City busts out the “credit card” for 10 million bucks to fix water mains. Doubt it’ll make a dent in the problem.
  • And another $2 mil for “various improvements.” I guess having a budget is useless in 2015.
  • Yep, still “talking about” the whole Western Edge re-development “plan.” Oh, wait – they kicked the can down the road again.. (to July).
  • You guessed it – more “contracts” with lawyers get bumped up again. Think about that when you cut the next quarterly check.
  • Jeez. Over a quarter million to “improve drainage” around city hall. I guess they can’t contain the BS.

Hoboken City Council Meeting June 17 NJ

Better off watching a movie in the park.

Hoboken City Council Documents for June 17, 2015

Click to view documents below.

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Uncanny resemblances!