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More Hoboken City Council news today, I’m just getting around to posting this letter that Richard Tremitiedi wanted published on Hoboken411. It was also in last weekends paper.

Council caucus will improve productivity

hoboken-richard-tremitiedi-letter-to-editor-city-council-caucus.jpg“During the lengthy council meeting of March 19th, sixth ward councilman Angelo Giacci introduced the concept to return to using a caucus to discuss issues before the actual council meeting. This suggestion has considerable merit and should be adopted. Items and issues can be discussed, consensus gained and new items can be promptly pulled if the council needs more study time or requires additional information. Meetings going after midnight are totally unacceptable and present a burden to all in attendance.

The discussion on the proposed “rules” for the public was time consuming and ultimately resulted with it being pulled from the agenda. The council members should have this ‘vehicle’ which will enable them to have more concise discourse.

One of the procedural rules called for the police and fire chiefs to be present during meetings. One opinion was that this was not necessary because we now have a director of public safety. During my watch as fire chief, this was a requirement and I found that such attendance provided important information and insight on the broad scope of all aspects of city government. Additionally, since the chiefs run the day to day operations of their respective divisions, they are the ones who could readily answer any questions posed by the city council or the public. The director should also be present since he oversees the overall policy and budgets of both divisions within the department of public safety.

In brief, the caucus can provide the council with a more disciplined approach which will help expedite the flow of information, improve time management and overall productivity.

Richard Tremitiedi

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4 Comments on "Tremitiedi on Council Caucuses"

8 years 6 months ago

Mr. T is not a nit wit.

I would bet he is using the semi-official position his friend Mayor Roberts gave him to increase his name awareness for a run at the for City Council at Large seat. It gives him a fourm without holding him responsible to fix or anything.

He has gone from being bashed on 411, to bashing 411, to using 411 for his own agenda.

That ain’t a nit wit. At very most he is a nit wit with a savy political advisor. 😉

8 years 6 months ago

What a nitwit!!!!

Time management????

How about some sound money management practices!!!

Let’s all get together early while no one is paying attention and reward friends and family!!!

Sorry Dickie T a big NO for you Fatboy!!!!

I have one question: Who weighs more Dickie T , Michael “Belmar” Russo, or Watchdog Lenz?????

Chop! Chop!

8 years 6 months ago

Well he didn’t add, “…while subverting the process and ultimately steering money to the caucus members’ pockets” so clearly it -is- an April Fool’s prank.

8 years 6 months ago

[quote]In brief, the caucus can provide the council with a more disciplined approach which will help expedite the flow of information, improve time management and overall productivity.[/quote]
Another April Fool’s Day (After) thread?