Found Parking Tickets


Check the comments section for a ticket that was found recently… if it’s yours.. you have a day to pay it.


Hoboken411 reader sunflowerlax suggested a pretty good category. It’s along the lines of a “good Samaritan” type section.

Hoboken lazy ticket issuers

If you ever encounter a ticket on the ground, pick it up and look at it. Check the license plate/make/model and see if the vehicle is nearby. If the car/truck in question is is close, just put the ticket under the windshield. You just saved a person $10. Buy a drink for yourself.

If you cannot find the car/truck, then take the ticket home and post the information here. Hopefully, with enough data, we can show that:

1) Hoboken tickets fall off too often
2) Hoboken will do something to rectify
3) People can avoid the unnecessary expense

That’s all.

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64 Comments on "Found Parking Tickets"

7 years 8 months ago

My favorite was listening to the old guy who does Roberts bidding at the meetings say in a dismissive tone “But the employees might have to get out of the scooter.”

7 years 8 months ago

good idea to put tickets back on cars ,BUT please be very careful you might get a nut job seeing you put the ticket on the car and they might strike you ! JUST BE CAREFUL ! me personally would not do that ! sometimes people dont think your trying to help

7 years 8 months ago

The ticket I found in my bushes was from Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day. I’d make sure your visitors know if they get a boot that the charge is a $150 fine for the boot and a $45 ticket for the city as well. The license plate on this ticket was CT and it indicated they had a boot, so they definitely paid that and probably don’t even know they got the ticket…

7 years 8 months ago

funny, good samaritan section has the fewest comments… i’m just testing to see if i can post. i tried to put up some ptix a few nites ago but they never showed… testing, testing syballance 😉

7 years 7 months ago

alrighty, let’s try this again :)

all these tix found blowing around are : $35 hits for Alt Prkg, all NJ plates, same officer ID, all court dates 9a.

tick #1 : 3/19/08 11.30a at 154 5th St. White BMW. pay by 4/15. Lic Plate begins w UV.

tick #2 : 3/25/08 11.24a at 940 Blmfld. Blk Lexus. pay by 4/4. Lic Plate begins w PY.

tick #3 : 3/26/08 10.35 at 520 Hudson. Blk Honda. pay by 4/20. Lic Plate begins w UG.