The Kebab House

10/31/2008 Update/Review:

Myself and a Hoboken411 reader swung by The Kebab House (62 Newark St.) this week – to form our own opinions on the new late night Mediterranean eatery.



(October 2008 Kebab House Review – continued…)

Kebab House initial review

To keep it simple – here is our collective bullet-style synopsis of our lunch experience.

  • Kebab House is primarily takeout & delivery. They have seating inside for about 9 or 10 people. They normally took orders over the phone – but now you can also use as well. See PDF menu here. Phone number is: 201-222-2777. They’re open 11am-11pm every day – except Thursday through Saturday – open till 4AM.
  • Standard menu fare: meat on a stick, sandwiches, platters, etc. No grape leaves, however. Lunch for two (my companion got a platter – I got a sandwich with fries) – was almost $25.00
  • My first impressions: Sandwich may have been small – but was the first pita sandwich I ever ate that didn’t end up all over me. Meat (chicken) started out dry but texture improved. They put hummus on the sandwich, and little vegetables. Almost like a pita “wrap.” Not great – but average taste. I do love the Kontos “pocketless” pita bread they use.
  • Sides: Fries were of the frozen variety. I asked for “spices” on it (it’s not standard) – did the job – but there are many better choices in Hoboken. The “pickled cucumber” salad just didn’t belong in my opinion.
  • Sauce: The Tsatziki sauce was not done right. Watery – hardly any yogurt. Tasted very much like cucumber though – wasn’t disgusting, just not right. The manager (Hassan I think? lost the card) – said they made the sauce like that because “customers complained it was too thick…” – I told him – “cook the way you’re supposed to, not because some wet behind the ear, hardly ever ate ethnic food” idiot tells him what to do…
  • Platter impressions: My friend also said the chicken started out dry – but improved. Cubes of chicken a smidge on the small side. Yellow Rice: Acceptable. Spinach: Her favorite part of the dish. Baba Ganoush: She didn’t like it. Not what she was used to at similar restaurants. Turned off. Manager came over and tasted – said that’s their unique recipe – and was spot on. Agreed to disagree.

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Overall Impressions

Ok, the Kebab House wasn’t BAD by any means, and it seems as if the owners were nice and want to please their customers – a big plus. However, it wasn’t “out of this world” to justify the cost, and not a place that I can foresee becoming a “regular” at – unless I lived ridiculously close – and wanted a late night option.

Speaking of late night -that is one of the benefits of the Kebab House. I would definitely consider them an option (over the traditional diners or late night pizza places) – to mix up any after hours dining dilemmas. Kudos to them on that – and will probably help them stay in business. That, on top of being another Mediterranean food choice.

Overall – We gave them a “about average” review at this time (cost vs. quality) – but will revisit them again in the future – and hope they can work out any potential startup issues.

What are your thoughts about The Kebab House?


9/9/2008 Update:

Anyone else hungry?

Any minute now…

ricardo-cardona-hoboken-kebab-house-and-lua.jpgWith the upcoming 24-hour Kebab House recently passing all their inspections, expect them to open soon- either later this month or early October.

Featuring the expertise of Executive Chef Ricardo Carbona (of LUA fame), The Kebab House will offer a slew of various kebabs beyond the ordinary, including lamb, lobster and more. On top of the shish kebabs, they will offer economical $3 mini falafel burgers, various soups & hummus, free-range meats, and even a top-of-the line Tuna Kebab.

Hopefully they’ll train their night crew to be prepared for the onslaught of alcohol-impaired tools ready to soil their shirts with sloppy pita sandwiches every weekend… I can only imagine the color of the puke after some idiots mix too much Red Bull & vodkas with spicy hummus. Gulp.




I love Mediterranean food, and this place ought to thrive not only because of that, but because they appear to be a 24-hour establishment. Both taste thrill-seekers and late-night drunks now have a reason to be happy. Very nice to have another greek/Mediterranean place besides It’s Greek to Me and Ali Baba. The old Mediterranean Grill was god awful, though.

Scheduled to open up in the Spring, replacing the vacant spot that used to be occupied by the “we have no idea what our identity is” Food 3663. They also have “Grab and Go” breakfast, with fruit, yogurt, breakfast sandwiches and more. Note that, their website also includes “various food platters” in their breakfast lineup as well. I suppose that’s for corporate offices, because have you ever been hungry for a “platter” for breakfast?

Here’s another snippit from their under-construction website:

“Enjoy a lovely European atmosphere and dining experience at The Kebab House. From the moment you step foot in our restaurant, you will feel like you’re sitting in a real Mediterranean cafe. Our full-service Hoboken restaurant is open 24 hours a day and features wonderful meals for health conscious diners, with kebabs and falafels as our specialties. Visit our restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey, to enjoy delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, or contact us to schedule catering services at your location or ours.”

The sign is currently on the old Food 3663, which is 62 Newark St., but their website says 60 Newark St., which is the Yueng II Chinese place.

Can’t wait to review a sloppy pita sandwich!

Description: Mediterranean food, kebabs, sandwiches, breakfast, 24 hours, delivery
Address: 62 Newark St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-2777 or 866-361-7668; Fax: 201-222-2877


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7 years 11 months ago

Sounds like a good addition to Hoboken’s appetite.

another Nail Salon – aroma not too appetizing
another Real Estate – tastes like cardboard
another Bank – too bland

Kebab House – yummy, perhaps

7 years 11 months ago

I hope they make Döner.

7 years 11 months ago

I miss Gobi… remember that place?

7 years 11 months ago

Gobi Grill started out well. The owners were a musician in a band (husband), and a cosmetics sales person (wife) who had travelled around the world, one of their stops (residences) being in Asia where they fell in love with Mongolian cuisine and brought over one of the round grills to Hoboken and set up camp here.

Like many places, the first year was awsome when the owners were there. But the following years, they left it to hired management and it seemed the place went downhill fast.

Oh well, typical Hoboken.