Irish Pub for Dummies

Irish Pub for Dummies in Hoboken, NJ (Willie McBride’s)

As long as I can remember, the name of a business establishment on the front of the building always was enough. And for years, Willie McBride’s just said “Willie McBride’s” out front.

And last year – they “refreshed” the bar with a striking coat of black and bright red paint. I thought it looked fine! (left in the photo below). But I recently noticed that they added (in big letters) “Irish Pub” above their name. Why?

Are people so stupid that they have to BE TOLD what the business is? Did a lot of people complain because they thought it was a “Bridal” shop? I guess since we live in a generation where things have to be “spelled out” for the ignoramuses out there, perhaps this is understandable.

Willie McBride's Irish Pub Hoboken NJ

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Oh. I was wondering what that was.