Jimmy John’s Credit Card Breach

Jimmy John’s Credit Card Breach may affect Hoboken NJ residents

Wow. Less than a year after opening here in Hoboken, sandwich “chain” Jimmy John’s is now in the news for credit card security breach on their point of sale system.

Apparently all 216 stores in this “chain” have been compromised. That must mean 100’s of thousands of customers who ate at Jimmy John’s are now having to deal with credit / debit card HASSLES.

We believe cash is the best way to conduct transactions, but there does come a point where using your debit card just makes sense.

I’ll end this update with a simple idea. You know these “chain” stores or franchises? The reason they SUCK is because they get TOO BIG FOR THEIR BRITCHES. They cannot handle complex financial transactions, don’t give a shit about anything other than “profits” and guess who suffers – YOU.

You ever hear of a credit card breach at your local Italian Deli with a credit card machine? NO.

Maybe these high-profit chains just need to go away…

Jimmy John's Credit Card Breach Hoboken NJ

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3 Comments on "Jimmy John’s Credit Card Breach"

2 years 23 days ago

“You ever hear of a credit card breach at your local Italian Deli with a credit card machine? NO. ”

You are joking, right? There have been plenty of credit card breaches for global merchant processors. I’m fairly certain Luca Brasci’s merchant processor was breached at one point in the last 3 years.

2 years 26 days ago

I guess we don’t really care about telling the whole story and are more interested in sensationalism.

If you actually read the link it clearly points out there are more than 1900 Jimmy John’s locations so this is roughly 11% of the chain as opposed to “all 216 stores” that you for some reason put in bold print.

The real reason for my reply was actually to point out that Hoboken was NOT one of the stores affected. As a customer, I thought that was probably worth mentioning…

2 years 28 days ago

Cash? I’d rather get the rewards and travel perks of a credit card. CC # stolen? Ok credit card company, send me a new one. No big deal.