No bike warnings in Hoboken – but dog poop warnings galore!

Every single block in Hoboken has “pick up after your dog” signs – along with a reminder that you can receive a whopping $500 fine.

Should people get fined if they purposely choose not to clean up after their dog? Sure. Does it warrant a half a grand? Absolutely not.

Dog Poop Fine Hoboken NJ 500 dollars

Asshole bikers deserve MORE warning signs and stiffer fines

If Hoboken keeps the asinine $500 fines for dog poop offenders (and doesn’t lower it to something that “fits the crime” – say a $15 penalty), then those entitled bicyclists who ride into oncoming traffic on already narrow and hazardous roads should receive a fine of upwards of $2000 per offense.

Heck, having an open beverage containing alcohol is the same fine – and it’s pretty much a “victimless” crime! So then bikers should receive MORE! Make it $3,000!

IMPORTANT TIP! If you drive in Hoboken be SURE you use a decent DASH CAM at all times. Even if you just drive to Shoprite. Because if you hit one of these dopes going the wrong way and have no hard core evidence, you can BET they will claim you didn’t give them enough room (and probably win because of the pathetic sympathy they undeservedly get.)

Not only will that dash cam accident footage sufficiently “cover your ass,” you’ll have a hilarious video to share with friends that could even go viral on YouTube!

Wrong way no bike warnings Hoboken NJ