Hoboken Taxpayer funded Councilman Mello makes Uber video

Oooh Dave Mello in Hoboken NJ rides a taxi wow impressive you can use an iphone geeRecently, bobble-headed “city councilman” Dave Mello proved that he adds very little of value to Hoboken. His “big achievement” is this selfie-like video he made filming his ride on a Uber Taxi (which incidentally is apparently illegal in town – demonstrating that Mello thinks he’s above the law. What next? A video of him DRUNK DRIVING?)

While we feel Uber is great as well – we already said that removing any transportation restrictions the worthless politicians invoked long ago should be the question at hand. So what else did Mello demonstrate in this hokey video?

  • Hypocrisy – once touting how Hoboken was a top-rated “walkable city,” he cannot walk just a few blocks east to Washington Street.
  • No regard for the environment – also a hot button topic (BS greenhouse gases), he adds to the so-called problem by taking a motor vehicle instead of walking or biking.
  • Does not support local businesses. Shops at Baby Gap instead of our unique boutiques.

And lastly – instead of offering a detailed solution to this car conundrum – he does like any other weasel politico does – points fingers and issues “blanket statements” with no tangible, thought-out reasoning in sight to show his competence. Takeaway? He’s like 99% of everyone else who spends his time using “apps” to bolster his ego.