Taxi Cartel, Uber Technology, What does it all mean anyway?

Okay, so the big debate these days is between the “taxi cartel” (yellow cabs, traditional livery services) and this new app-based “ride acquisition” company called Uber (as well as others like Lyft).

Hoboken police have recently been “cracking down” on these Uber rides, going as far as pulling them over and ordering their passengers out of the vehicles. Get the general gist of the quagmire in this report from ABC News:

Barking up the wrong tree, people!

We’ve received many emails from residents who love this service, and want to “rally support” for the app-dependent crowd who use Uber. They are clamoring for NJ and other states to change the “law” “governing” these transportation services.

We like Uber as well, and feel that if they have a means to connect drivers and fares – by all means.

However, while everyone is begging for the government to change the rules – and the fact that “enforcement” and “illegal” are the front and center buzzwords in this story – how come no one is asking WHY we even have such regulations in the first place?

Why do we even need things like the TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission)? Why does the government even need to regulate how we move from place to place? And as you can see – by creating that (what we feel is unnecessary) layer of “governance” they not only upset the customers of said services – they also get to pickpocket “offenders” along the way (up to $1000 per violation in this instance).

What good are they doing?

So what those people who are whining to the government to “please let us have this” should be doing is demanding that this oversight cease and desist – or they’ll find other ways to bypass the choke hold or go as far as to “starve the beast” in other ways.

And by the way – our “mayor” Don Zimmer was in the video above, and took such a lame stance – deflecting to the state – when she herself could have said the regulation was unnecessary. But that would be hypocritical, because the city has their own coffers to fill from such bullshit license fees.

So keep using Uber please! Because it won’t be long before some politico in Trenton figures out a way to siphon money from these new technology companies and the benefit of the lower fares will be a long-forgotten memory. You can bet on it.

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