Waste Management: Budget Cuts are “Costing” Hoboken

What do you think of this “Waste Management” editorial by a Hoboken resident? Is it legitimate? Or just blown smoke?

Regardless of your opinion… it is apparent that certain city “features” suffer along with the economy. Wonder what other “essential” city services will fall by the wayside… and more importantly – WHY?

Hoboken NJ Garbage so what waste management do we have

Can the city of Hoboken, NJ hand simple garbage pickup?

Health and Environmental Service Committee of the City of Hoboken:

This morning I noticed several people on the way to work dumping full size garbage bags into the public litter cans along Washington Street. One guy, was even carrying his garbage with one hand while bicycling on the sidewalk! As he passed the public can with his huge bag of garbage, he nonchalantly dropped his load into the corner can.

I have lived in this town many years and never, until now, have I borne witness to this bold behavior. Perplexed, I viewed the Hoboken garbage and recycling pick-up schedule. Careful examination showed that the two day Monday-Tuesday no garbage pick-up stretch was due to cutting out a day of pickup.

For folks who miss the Sunday pick-up, because they are busy on the weekend or have other religious obligations, there is up to five full days of wet garbage build-up before the next pickup. By Monday, the accumulated weekend trash, plus the prospect of living with that garbage – plus three additional days of garbage – until the next garbage pickup raises the risk of resident dumping.

The City of Hoboken’s web site describes the responsibilities of Environmental Services as “orchestrating garbage and recycling collection”. It certainly appears that the conductor of this orchestra has not been provided with the resources to do the job. For this reason, I copy the Finance Committee of the City of Hoboken. I am aware Councilwoman Castellano objected to this cut, providing many sound arguments for why a $100,000 savings on sanitation was not adviseable. Councilman Russo also had several recommendations on cost cutting measures that could be explored given both the budget concerns, complaints regarding the outsourced contract and lack of response to the RFP.

Please consider the Duty of Care owed to the residents of the City of Hoboken for Essential Services. This is not the first time that Hoboken has failed in regard to Environmental Services causing buildup of filth on our streets and attracting a population of rats, opossums and crows. It is a trying position for a constituent to be placed in when Essential Public Health and Safety Services are not provided for.

Please let me know how the Council in conjunction with the City intends to rectify. As I await your reply, I remain,