Does common sense require a warning?

Common Sense Warning Signs along Hoboken waterfront

Not sure you’ve noticed this – but along the Hoboken waterfront are “Warning” signs about the “dangerous currents” from the Hudson River. And along with the big bold WARNING letters are cute symbols saying “No Diving,” “No Swimming,” and “No Sitting.”

Warning dangerous currents sign along Hoboken NJ waterfront is it necessary

Don’t be an idiot is more like it

Anyone with common sense does not need to be reminded of this (probably at the recommendation from the cavalry of attorneys at city hall…)

These were obviously put in place due to the suicide of Andrew Jarzyk this past spring (and how the city got shamed for not having operational video cameras).

However, in the end – these signs will never stop a suicidal person from jumping in and offing themselves. So not sure why they need to ruin the great skyline view with more wasteful visual clutter. Up next? Probably graffiti vandalism on the signs.

Dangerous Currents Warning Hoboken NJ

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9 Responses

  1. animal_lover says:

    Let me interpret the sign. We cut our police force, we don’t have any park attendants either so we are putting you on notice that you enjoy our walkway at your own risk. Of course this won’t hold water in the court of law but hey, we are balancing our budget – so what if a few lives are lost. You want safety? You have many conveniently located choices. Go to Weehawken where there are park attendants or our County parks where there are attendants also. If you really must be local, try to sneak onto Steven campus where there are Steven’s police.

  2. HansBrix says:

    Sounds like protection from greedy lawyers who encourage the irresponsible to pursue lawsuit lotteries.

  3. animal_lover says:

    Actually a town does have responsibilities and know a coworker whose mother died in a drowning because the town hung out the welcome banner (figuratively) and then provided no protection services. So if the City holds an event like say a concert or play at the water but provides no attendants there is a risk the City assumes.

  4. animal_lover says:

    So assumption of the risk necessarily precedes ant attorney involvement.

  5. PeterK says:

    This city does enjoy some good signage. I wish they put some Respect Our Neighbors signs with some fun graphic in front of the off Washington St. bars. Then again most of the police force drink at these spots and don’t do anything when they are called for a noise complaint.

  6. HansBrix says:

    People do dumb things all the time, especially when they are themselves dumb. Some get harmed in the process then look to blame some other party they feel has deep pockets. Enter the slip and fall lawyer who’s more than happy to act as force multiplier.

    We see this on consumer products. Car windshield shades warn us not to drive with the thing deployed. Those with three digit IQs may wonder just who is stupid enough to do that. With half the population dumber than average you can bet that eventually someone will. When they inflict injury or property damage they will blame the product then its manufacturer. At least the maker can say…”well at least we tried to warn you.”

    I bet mcdonalds wishes it put warnings on its coffee cups right from the beginning.

  7. abbz312 says:

    Sorry to disagree, but I think the signs are perfectly appropriate. A very tragic thing happened and while a sign might not stop someone who’s “suicidal,” I would hope the event would cause the city to rethink the general safety of the waterfront, and it seems like it has. Should the signs be accompanied by increased moderating and working vide cameras? Certainly. Maybe we can do more to encourage this than write inflammatory articles. Maybe safety is more important than the view. Maybe we shouldn’t assume that the danger of plunging into the Hudson is common knowledge. Just seems like you have a weak argument.

  8. animal_lover says:

    Two prople were fished out in the last two days. Safety is much more important but signage alone doesn’t provide the safety. Other towns also have had incidents where individuals were tossed into the water aafter an attempted robbery.

  9. animal_lover says:

    On another token of signage, putting out bicycle path signs implies that the roads are fit for safe travel. With very poor road conditions – craters, potholes, poorly indicated construction, etc a cyclist with a serious injury would have had relied on these signs as guidance when the roads are actually quiet treacherous in many Hoboken areas. Chicago lost a $4million in a similar scenario.

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