Common Sense Warning Signs along Hoboken waterfront

Not sure you’ve noticed this – but along the Hoboken waterfront are “Warning” signs about the “dangerous currents” from the Hudson River. And along with the big bold WARNING letters are cute symbols saying “No Diving,” “No Swimming,” and “No Sitting.”

Warning dangerous currents sign along Hoboken NJ waterfront is it necessary

Don’t be an idiot is more like it

Anyone with common sense does not need to be reminded of this (probably at the recommendation from the cavalry of attorneys at city hall…)

These were obviously put in place due to the suicide of Andrew Jarzyk this past spring (and how the city got shamed for not having operational video cameras).

However, in the end – these signs will never stop a suicidal person from jumping in and offing themselves. So not sure why they need to ruin the great skyline view with more wasteful visual clutter. Up next? Probably graffiti vandalism on the signs.

Dangerous Currents Warning Hoboken NJ

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