Congrats! Hoboken Buggy Balance Kickstarter Fully Funded!

Congratulations to Anna and her Buggy Balance Kickstarter project, which became fully funded yesterday! You still have time to buy in and support this project until tomorrow night.

We even supported it and don’t have a stroller!

Parents – Do you like the Buggy Balance idea?


Hoboken resident Anna was sick of having her baby stroller tip over when her toddler decided to stretch their limbs after she went shopping. So she devised a product called Buggy Balance, which essentially keeps the stroller “weighted down” to prevent those annoying mishaps where your double-latte from Starbucks along with your Facebook-loaded iPhone come crashing to the ground.

While adding weights to the front of your stroller is no more than a 10 minute study of the situation and a trip to Home Depot – Anna has created a Kickstarter Project called Buggy Balance.

She’s looking to raise $5,000 to start this project / company where she can provide frustrated parents with the necessary “weights” to help prevent the “stroller overload” that affects countless parents every day in Hoboken and beyond.

Imagine getting you Soy-double-skinny-whatever and not having to worry about standing on line again? That thought alone is worth it, isn’t it?

Donate to her project here – and see video below.