Is the 14th St. Viaduct a destination in Hoboken?

Is the 14th Street Viaduct a destination in Hoboken NJThis new so-called “open space” that has been created under the 14th Street Viaduct, while a definite step up from what it was prior – can it even be considered a bonafide “destination?”

Construction workers building that new dog park which is as close to the western border of Hoboken that anything can possibly be – thought it was “a foolish concept,” and wondered once the fanfare of it opening up – will it actually be used. Especially with all the homeless around, and the overall bleak industrial feel of the area.

Some folks assume something is going to happen closer to the Bow Tie Cinemas – but may be disappointed. Apparently it will just remain a big slab of concrete – which will of course be hailed as some kind of “open area.” Sure in the beginning their might be some effort to organize some kind of events, markets, etc. – but the general consensus is that it would be poorly attended and short-lived.

Take a walk up there one day. If you were captured on hidden camera – you’d probably have that quizzical look that says “you’re kidding, right?”

If only the administration was smart enough to approve that totally awesome bowling alley proposal. But alas, they’re probably waiting for some other kind of political payday that’s being discussed in back rooms around the mile square.

I guess time will tell. Perhaps will more residential development (as well as commercial), it may certainly help. But how long that takes, and who will allow the market to decide (and not some pretentious “think tank” of people) remains to be seen.