Get arrested for having fun and exercising in Hoboken

Even though we publishing this “no ball playing” post earlier this summer, residents still send in photos of this ridiculous sign.

What I find most irritating about it is that you can be harmlessly exercising with a friend, and if you are approached by a law enforcer and refuse to stop “playing catch” they will potentially injure and financially penalize you. If you don’t see something wrong with that picture, well maybe you should move to China.

no ball playing columbus park hoboken NJ

No ball playing at Hoboken, NJ parks. What a fun place!


First they cut a ton of trees down in the middle of Columbus Park. If that wasn’t enough – did you know that “no ball playing is allowed” at this lovely park?

I can understand a full 5 x 5 soccer match complete with goals, etc. – but what’s the harm in playing catch? Rules suck. I say grab your mitts and go play catch. Just be sure not to step in a fresh steaming pile of poop.

no ball playing at columbus park Hoboken NJ

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