Pedestrian struck as car reverses onto sidewalk in Hoboken

We told you already that this reverse-angle parking in Hoboken was a bad idea for several reasons, including the fact that MOST people cannot judge (i.e., “have a good feel for”) the dimensions of the REAR of their car. 99% of the time you’re focused on the FRONT. It’s human nature actually, but by now making it mandatory to expect people to immediately have the skill-set required for backing into parking spots like this is unrealistic. And look what happened today – a pedestrian was “roughed up” by a car that hopped the curb.

Hoboken resident Faith Lauter had this to say: “My friend just fell on Willow and 11th because a car went up on the curb while reverse parking. Her hands and knees are busted as a result!”

Injury caused by reverse angle parking in Hoboken NJ

See what other problems this is causing – including the video by My 9 News below…

My 9 News also covers reverse angle parking in Hoboken

8/22/2014 Update:

“My9′s Vice President and Station Manager looks at the latest parking problem to plague the city of Hoboken, New Jersey: Reverse-angle parking. The city put these spots on a busy stretch of Willow Ave forcing drivers to back up between two cars while traffic waits.”

Don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

See our original story from last week below…

Willow Ave. Reverse Parking in Hoboken


For those of us who are still skilled at driving a motor vehicle – how we park is not a concern. Parallel parking (on the left or right), straight in parking, or reverse angle parking does not matter. We know how to operate our cars, and have the physical capabilities (eyes, ears, arms, etc.) to ensure that we never have any issues whatsoever.

However, in today’s “make it so easy for everyone” world – it appears that we no longer hold a level of competence up for the rest of the drivers.

Reverse Parking Willow Avenue Hoboken NJ 1

Is reverse angle parking safer? Present any new issues?

As Hudson County completed the Willow Ave resurfacing between 11th and 13th Streets recently, they implemented a change in how cars park. This was tried up on Madison St. recently too. Apparently “traffic studies” show that parking this way, instead of head-in, is a little bit safer. They might be right, but we just presume it shifts any potential safety hazard to initially parking rather than leaving the spot – but whatever they say is fine with us.

But some residents have already pointed out a few NEW issues to contend with. What do you think?

Is reverse angle parking toxic?

On just one block – we witnessed three cars running for extended periods. People have expressed concerns about carbon monoxide seeping into the apartments the car exhaust pipes face. City puppets, instead of admitting it’s a valid worry – cited already on the books statutes that prohibit “idling.” Just wait until the winter – when people warm their cars for a long time!

Thank God Willow Ave. is a straight shot to the hospital.

Reverse Parking Willow Avenue Hoboken NJ carbon monoxide

Reverse angle parking a threat to pedestrians?

Another resident told us they nearly got struck by a car reversing in. Because there are no “buffer bumpers” other than the curb itself – the new concern is that people aren’t used to judging the distance of the rear of their car. Another well thought-out project in New Jersey.

Take a look at this van, almost occupying half of the sidewalk. But don’t worry – they have a storage room of high-priced lawyers drooling over the future billable hours.

Reverse Parking Willow Avenue Hoboken NJ pedestrian safety

Mix and Match – let’s do it both ways!

I can see this being fun. The newbies out there can’t comprehend how to park in reverse, and still do it the old way. Wonder how many new accidents this arrangement will create?

Reverse Parking Willow Avenue Hoboken NJ wrong way

Maybe this is what politicians mean when they say “change?”