Hoboken City Council Meeting 8/6/2014

Hoboken City Council Meeting of August 6, 2014

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream.

The only official council meeting for the month of August 2014 is lengthy, and contains items such as:

  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars to be doled out for “disgruntled former city employees.” Gotta love the way Zimmer and crew are efficient at creating such a positive work environment.
  • New friends of the “Mayor” members appointed to various municipal boards.
  • Wow, handing out “free money” (100’s of thousands of YOUR property tax dollars) to various “charitable” organizations, (day care centers, etc.) Isn’t it your job to decide what charities to support?.
  • And super wow – the City of Hoboken now wants to decree that IT has the right to tell YOU what dog collar YOU can buy for your dog? (see LAST 3 pages of resolution pack below).
  • And all the usual city nonsense…

Hoboken City Council Meeting August 6 2014 NJ

Hoboken City Council Documents for August 6, 2014


5 Responses

  1. willow says:

    I interpreted it that they are just looking to keep dogs to designated areas and not to leave dogs tied up for long periods of time no matter what collar they where. A buckle collar pretty much can mean any collar. They also mentioned prong etc. I guess you just could use a piece of rope or something which I have to say is probably a good idea.

  2. animal_lover says:

    I wish that they would regulate the free-range children. Many times a child younger than five is by himself- on the sidewalk and at an intersection- with a parent half a block or more away.

  3. animal_lover says:

    Look at Item 36 – a resolution to give free reign to the City to pay out ALL damages below a threshold value of $21,000. So basicallyZimmer can continue to violate democratic process and individual civil rights then if the person is vulnerable enough offer to pay them an amount to go away and nobody knows about it – and they will claim it is LEGAL! What frauds we have voted or as the case may be- not voted in.

  4. YouStayCl@ssyHoboken says:

    Pretty funny… someone thinks Mile Square View is a daycare provider.

  5. animal_lover says:

    NO DEMOCRACY RESULUTION: the Administration is capable of making decisions which are in the best interest of the City without the need for formal City Council action (item 36)

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