Enhanced safety measures at uptown Hoboken ferry terminal

is enhanced safety at Hoboken NJ ferry terminal necessaryThis summer, the uptown ferry terminal was “upgraded” with some new “enhanced safety” features. Including a motorized gate, strobe light and beeping bell – which go into motion each time the ferry arrives and departs.

Many nearby residents weren’t too happy with these implements – complaining that the “industrial” gate could be a “hazard” to kids, and the strobe light was “blinding,” and the annunciator was “deafening.”

We checked it out, and it didn’t seem too imposing (see brief video clip below) – however, we don’t know what if feels like to hear or see it 50 times or more a day (and well into the night). And more recently – the “beeping” has apparently been tamed down or stopped completely.

However, this brings up a more important question. Why so much security and safety anyway?

The pier and boarding ramp were fine before – are people afraid that, God forbid – that a kid might run out there because he’s curious? Or someone who had too much to drink at Pier 13 will go stumbling out there?

Perhaps those “risks” of living in particular area should remain instead of pampering everyone to the point where no accidents happen. Don’t you need to make mistakes along the way in life?

(this one has no soundtrack…)