Jack’s Cabin

Jack’s Cabin – “Block 14” in Hoboken, NJ

Jack's Cabin Hoboken NJ coming soonWhat has long been referred to in Hoboken as the “downtown steakhouse” finally has a name: Jack’s Cabin.

While this is considered to be a “welcome addition” for many residents in the 4th Ward, please be reminded that this corner (“block 14”) was originally supposed to be part of a vibrant 6-acre park in the Southwest Hoboken. This political football has morphed into bucket of bile over the past eight years. The current “football” is in the shape of a dusty < 1 acre parking lot that will be your dangling carrot for several years to come.

There is a LOT of history about this “block” on Hoboken411 – see the following updates to get up to speed:

Regardless – as it stands, we still wish Jack’s Cabin the best of luck being in the middle of a hotly contested (and flooded) area of Hoboken.

Jack's Cabin Hoboken NJ 9 Paterson Avenue

Description: Restaurant / Bar. Reclaimed wood used in interior furnishings.
Address: 9 Paterson Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)876-2615
Online: jackscabinnj.com

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2 Comments on "Jack’s Cabin"

2 years 22 days ago

Any idea if Tattoli still owns this or will operate it or does it have new owners/operators. He got rid of the Clam Broth house with all it’s years of good will that was already built into the name.

2 years 27 days ago

Took them seven years to name this place, probly gonna be another five before they actually serve their first customer. And then they’ll close. Immediately.