Automated Garages in Hoboken taking off

Prominent local developer Bijou Properties is building several notable projects right now in Hoboken – including the super-advanced Park and Garden Hoboken uptown, and 900 Monroe over on the west side.

Bijou Properties 1415 Park Place Automated Garage Unitronics

Some Hoboken buildings are more than just “compartments”

But what is setting these projects apart from the rest of the “standard cookie cutter” buildings in the area is the careful thought and planning which Bijou puts into them. Many “sustainable” features like LEED-certification, natural-gas powered common electricity (i.e., a “cogeneration plant”), and some of the largest automated parking garages in the country.

1415 Park Place is getting a nearly 400-spot automated garage that is touted to be able to retrieve cars in 60 to 90 seconds. A smaller 135 spot (also) automated garage is going into the building at 900 Monroe. At 1415 Park Place, over 180 spots will be available to the public for both daily and monthly parking. Price TBD when they open.

For those of you who don’t know what happens within these robotic garages – here’s a rendered video depiction of Unitronics automated garage in West Hollywood: