Water Color? Why does street paint wear out in Hoboken?

Shoddy bike lane and street paint in Hoboken NJThis HAS to be part of the planned obsolescence model. All “street paint” in Hoboken NJ wears out practically in front of your eyes! Especially Bike Lanes!

Recently – they “repainted” the bike lanes along Adams Street (as well as others).

Something is wrong, isn’t it?

I know the laws of friction, etc. – but the “bike lane” paint they spread on this street not so long ago, wore away faster than Dawn Zimmer’s Mayoral Campaign Promises. And they’ve now been “repainted.” I wonder if the NJ Lottery will be inspired to make a “road marking $50,000 Payday” scratch off?

Regardless – these special “highway supply” companies… I used to deal with many transportation and traffic modeling companies in my past job. Most of these guys were engineers, logical men. But how shoddy products even made it into the “mainstream government” is saddening.

I wanted to say “ridiculous,” but I know that even reputable companies would take higher profits over “honor.” It’s a sign of the times and a mode of “survival,” and quite frankly – the way things are until more people wake up.

To all property owners in Hoboken: You love paying top-price for stuff that wears out constantly? What other shoddy services are you getting for your five-figure “payment” to live in this cushy town?

Hoboken NJ road paint wears out fast