Is Bike Sharing Over in Hoboken?

Bike Sharing over in HobokenI don’t know. You come up with a cockamamie idea like “social bikes” out of the blue – and you can catch some people off guard. “Happy Shiny” folks will glom on to this new “eco-idea” in the beginning before putting any real contemplation or long-term thought into it (both the creators of such companies, and the groupies that initially support them).

But then as the “reality” of the circumstance makes an appearance (it always does), is this what happens? Abandonment?

And as reported recently in the Wall Street Journal – these “pie in the sky” bike sharing initiatives are hitting “speed bumps.” It looks like the “feel good” idea of sharing bikes and “reducing carbon footprints” (another “invented” phrase to persuade mentally enslaved morons ) didn’t “pair well” with actually paying for it.

I feel that part of the problem here with these stupid bike initiatives – is that pretty much every single one of them depends on government involvement and re-direction of public funds. And it’s my guess, when push comes to shove, “bike sharing” doesn’t have much pull in the political circles these days. Not for long at least.

Which is why – if this social bike concept is to be taken seriously – let’s see how it does ON ITS OWN with no involvement or meddling from public agencies.

Is bike sharing over in Hoboken NJ