Sign of the times: Outsourced parenting everywhere

Outsourced parenting to have kids or notKind of breaks my heart every time I witness scenes like this in Hoboken (and pretty much everywhere else). Little kids being carted around like cattle. Or schlepped from place to place practically “chained” to a rope (not literally, but authoritatively). Just such a shame that outsourced parenting is considered “acceptable” these days.

Yes, I know – some families can manage to have a one-income setup with a “full time parent” at home. But it truly sucks that it’s the exception rather than the norm.

But what is it exactly that has caused this necessity to have dual income streams in order to raise a child?

Is it the location you choose to live in? (high cost of living)
The standards you insist upon? (expensive cars, property, “stuff”)

Has all of this been by design? Faltering economy? Debased currency? Inflation? Cost of education?

Regardless of the reasons why – do you think it’s right for a child to be raised in such a manner? Or should parents find a way (including moving to an alternate place) where they can afford living on one income?

Or is a better question – should couples even have children if they know (in advance) that someone else will essentially be raising their kid more than half the time?

Outsourced parenting in Hoboken NJ