Other forms of bike nuisances prevalent in Hoboken

Last week we mentioned a few of the annoying bike nuisances in Hoboken. Such as over-zealous Lance Armstrong wannabe’s blocking the roads for drivers, to oblivious wrong way bicyclists.

But there are others we ought to point out…

“Mr. completely disconnected from reality”

Take a look at this guy. His offenses are absurd:

  • Riding on the sidewalk
  • Listening to music via earphones
  • AND TEXTING with his head down while in motion.

Guess nothing in the world is more important than this guy here. Nada.

bike nuisance in Hoboken texting and riding

Motorbikes are next!

Not sure if this “minibike” was battery or gas-powered – but just like those motorized delivery bikes that zoom around town – I can sense this cowboy-hat, day-bag wearing guy in a tense situation soon.

I don’t know – what would be an excuse that makes this justified? An injury? “He’s too busy to walk?”

I can bet if this keeps up, the stroller contingent will let him have it!

Motor Bike Nuisances in Hoboken NJ 14th Street

“Bike friendly” or Bike nuisances in Hoboken?

7/8/2014 Update:

Bike Nuisances or good for Hoboken NJEvery progressive person in the country seems to be “pro-bike” these days. Whether it’s because they think it’s a more “eco-friendly” mode of transport, or whatever “collectivist” bug bit them, the media, politicians and a whole lot of useful idiots people are supporting bicycles as a mode of transport. Fine. To each their own.

Certainly, we here at Hoboken411 feel KNOW we can get where we’re going a lot faster in Hoboken on our bikes. Mainly because because we know how to ride them.

Following “rules” like bike paths or street signals – honestly – are stupid. The two rules we follow (instinctively) are “survive” and “respect the heavier, faster, deadlier car.” Oh, and there is a third rule we follow because we’re not nuisances to society, which is: “we bike at our own risk,” meaning we won’t picket city hall, give the finger or yell at motor vehicles or sue anyone for anything.

Kind of a “Mad Max” mentality so to say.

However, the bike activists have (somewhat) succeeded in getting our streets peppered with (confusing to the average moron) bike lanes, and other special treatments supposedly designed to “make them safer.”

Well. We’re 100% certain that bike lanes do NOT help bikers here in this city. Take a look at this guy. Clearly a “career biker” with backpack, special bike shirt, and so-on. And even though he’s riding on Adams Street – one of the widest in town – still has double parkers.

What a nuisance! I had to drag along behind this slow-poke while he gleefully rode in his “special lane,” (don’t they have “special buses” for challenged children too?) while I contended with parallel parking cars, UPS drivers and more. When you see a 400hp German sports sedan behind you – for Christ’s sake, just get up on the sidewalk for half a block and move the fuck out of the way. At the very least, turn around and make a signal that you’re a bike-riding doofus, and you’re sorry for your state of being!

Bike nuisance lane in Hoboken NJ

Wrong way bikers don’t care either

To be honest, I’m torn on this one. I too have no issue riding the wrong way on a street in Hoboken. But I NEVER feel entitled to do so. I ensure that I’m out of the fucking way, or on the sidewalk briefly – especially if there is “a very large automobile” (as David Byrne said in “Once in a Lifetime”) coming my way.

But this lady was “La Dee Frickin’ Da-ing” down the street. Before I snapped this photo – she was in the MIDDLE of the street. I wonder if she’s already penned her last memoirs or something. Who knows. It was certain she wasn’t looking out for “Number One.”

We have more to say about certain modes of transportation coming up soon.

Bike Nuisance Wrong Way Biker Broad Hoboken NJ