100% WTF Times

Crazy police lockdown, assault rifles, body armor, SWAT vehicles, shields, black tactical uniforms, road closures, sirens, flashing lights. For two unrelated “threats.” And the possibility that someone had “a gun” (which is a right everyone has under the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution – remember that?)

Take a look at some scenes from yesterday below. What’s worse is that no explanation why such “firepower” was needed for these “threats.”

Wonder if more of the same will happen today – or will they give area residents a “break” for a day.

Traffic nightmare in and around Hoboken due to Lincoln Tunnel Lockdown

Some kind of “bomb threat” or other threat taking place outside Hoboken (apparently near 19th St. in Weehawken). Traffic is snarled. Buses won’t leave terminal. And people everywhere are reporting they cannot get in or out of Hoboken since both uptown bridges are closed.

Apparently authorities from the Port Authority and NYC are circling the area in low-flying choppers because of this apparent threat. The NJ Light Rail was also suspended.

Who knows exactly what the threat is or was – perhaps someone threatened to blow up a gas station or something. Either way – the uptown area should be avoided until this police state comes to an end.

Hoboken Weehawken gridlock lincoln tunnel June 10 2014