Lincoln Tunnel Lockdown

100% WTF Times

Crazy police lockdown, assault rifles, body armor, SWAT vehicles, shields, black tactical uniforms, road closures, sirens, flashing lights. For two unrelated “threats.” And the possibility that someone had “a gun” (which is a right everyone has under the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution – remember that?)

Take a look at some scenes from yesterday below. What’s worse is that no explanation why such “firepower” was needed for these “threats.”

Wonder if more of the same will happen today – or will they give area residents a “break” for a day.

Traffic nightmare in and around Hoboken due to Lincoln Tunnel Lockdown

Some kind of “bomb threat” or other threat taking place outside Hoboken (apparently near 19th St. in Weehawken). Traffic is snarled. Buses won’t leave terminal. And people everywhere are reporting they cannot get in or out of Hoboken since both uptown bridges are closed.

Apparently authorities from the Port Authority and NYC are circling the area in low-flying choppers because of this apparent threat. The NJ Light Rail was also suspended.

Who knows exactly what the threat is or was – perhaps someone threatened to blow up a gas station or something. Either way – the uptown area should be avoided until this police state comes to an end.

Hoboken Weehawken gridlock lincoln tunnel June 10 2014

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  1. john14 says:

    So tens of thousands inconvenienced because some unknown man calls a threat in?

    • hoboken411 says:

      Yep. Here’s what ABC news said about it: “According to a law enforcement source, the Hudson County emergency center received a call around 5:45 p.m. from a man who said he was on his way to New York to do harm. Police tracked the phone call and found that it came from the Hoboken/Weehawken area. Police are now checking rooftops and buildings. Streets have been closed in the area. “

      Doesn’t sound too specific, unless he had some kind of heavy artillery or other kind of large scale destructive device not readily available to the ordinary joe. You’d think that police would verify these threats a bit before gridlocking the entire area.

      What is to prevent any idiot from phoning in a threat to create such chaos?

  2. NorthKrissy says:

    Someone told us about a rooftop sniper? Doesn’t sound plausible. If you really wanted to cause harm, why would you call it in? Has to be a hoax.

    • hoboken411 says:

      The buses have apparently “resumed normal operations” per NJ Transit.

      • hoboken411 says:

        Another update from ABC News: “Police tracked the phone call to 19th Street and Park Avenue in Weehawken, N.J., near Dykes Lumber, which is the area where the search was concentrated. Police found that the phone was used by a Philadelphia resident, and are searching for the caller. It’s unknown if the owner of the phone made the call or if another person did.”

        “Local roads in Weehawken around Dykes Lumber, which is near the Lincoln Tunnel, were shut down. The lumber building is around the corner from the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. The side streets in Weehawken were congested.”

        “As the search in the area was winding down, a conductor on a Hudson-Bergen Light Rail train was told there was a passenger on the train with a gun. The train happened to be near the area that was being searched and was stopped. Passengers were evacuated and questioned. One person was briefly put into handcuffs, then released. The passengers were allowed to reboard and continue. Police do not believe this was connected to the 911 call.”

      • jints says:

        Probably a Philadelphia Eagles or Phillies fan! Would not put it past them.[quote comment=”223269″]Another update from ABC News: [/quote]

      • hoboken411 says:

        The current “status” is: “no arrests, no suspects.”

        So what was the credible evidence that warranted such a heavily armed police presence and travel lockdown? Do they have photos, videos or proof that there was a “clear and present danger” or “threat to human safety?”

        Perhaps this should be a little lesson to the knee-jerking “authorities.”

        Who knows, maybe a psycho killer was out there, and was scared away by the incredible response by the po-po. Or, this could have just been a gargantuan waste across the board. Maybe a little social conditioning thrown in for good measure.

    • joey maxim says:

      better safe than sorry…seattle las vagas for not s hoax…just saying[quote comment=”223267″]Someone told us about a rooftop sniper? Doesn’t sound plausible. If you really wanted to cause harm, why would you call it in? Has to be a hoax.[/quote]

  3. zt86 says:

    They better produce some lone patsy gunman because what happened was uncalled for. Trapped on the bridge forever.

  4. HomeTeam says:

    Sadly, the militarization of our police forces will lead to our downfall. The United States and liberty began its slow death on 9/11.

  5. beerzgood says:

    terrorist threat = mega response!

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