Political Correctness is a social disease

I saw an ad on this very website recently. “Stop the R-Word.” Some bullshit assault on the NFL Football Team the Washington Redskins. Apparently a stupid name “offends” some people. When will these useless leftist political correctness campaigns against harmless words end?

Political Correctness is tyranny with a happy face

Being “offended” now the top cultural attention-getter

R-Word Washington Redskins NFL Political CorrectnessHoly shit, what happened to this country? The spineless cowards roaming around being “offended” every turn they take! You ever hear of something called COMMON LAW? It’s two basic principles:

1. Do as you’ve agreed to do (verbally or contractually)
2. Do not infringe on another persons property or being (i.e., trespassing, assault).

Everything else should not matter to you. What a person does to their own body (drugs, weird fetishes) should not concern you. What words someone uses should not bother you either. Especially if they don’t contain imminent threats, intent to harm, etc.

But somehow “the natives are fighting amongst themselves” (we think by design – a sign of societal destruction and distraction). But I digress.

I wonder what other teams are going to be forced to change their name by some “offended” group of useful idiots?

Offensive professional sports teams – change your names now!

I’ve compiled a quick list of teams that will at some point in the future OFFEND some asshole (or group of assholes):

NFL Political Correctness

  • New York GIANTS – Oh boy, Giants can refer to unusually large human beings (with possible glandular issues or wacky DNA). That is offensive! Stop picking on people that are too big!

    New name: The New York Average Sized Guys

  • New York JETS – Stop! Wait! JETS use fossil fuel, and harm the environment. Jets cause global warming! They support the petro-dollar and middle east countries. This is BAD!
    New name: The New York Solar Gliders
  • New England PATRIOTS – Oh no you didn’t! Patriots are what many conservative people like calling themselves. I think the Tea Party also references that name. BAD! Who wants to remind everyone about American history?
    New Name: New England Progressives
  • Cleveland BROWNS – Wow, not sure which group will get offended the most? Black people? Girl Scouts? People with the last name “Brown?” This is a total outrage. Call your congressman now!
    New Name: Cleveland #402000′s
  • Buffalo BILLS – What? How DARE you insult dollar bills? The money in my wallet has NOTHING to do with Buffalo (which is a decaying shithole anyway). Get the hell out of here!
    New Name: Buffalo Bitcoins
  • New Orleans SAINTS – God damnit! This is a cold slap in the face to all religions! Saints? You think your steroid-injecting, hooker-loving players are holy? No way in Hell!
    New Name: New Orleans Synners
  • Dallas COWBOYS – Who the fuck are they leaving out GIRLS? What about “equality,” bitches? There are FEMALE cheerleaders, you know! This SEXISM has to end NOW!
    New Name: Dallas Cows
  • Any team with an animal name (dolphins, bengals, falcons, etc.) – The entire animal kingdom is offended. No saving yourself here. These teams must be banished from the league forever. Make them “extinct!”

But do you see my point? How far will this “offensive” go?

I highly recommend ANY football fans to give up the sport if they change their name under pressure. Maybe this whole thing will then go away.