Urban Consign & Natalie Morales

Hoboken’s Urban Consign sells Natalie Morales’ stuff!

Natalie Morales and Paul Fitzgerald Urban Consign Hoboken NJDid you know that local resident and TV celebrity Natalie Morales (of NBC’s Today Show) has enlisted our own Urban Consign & Design to offload her furniture?

As Paul Fitzgerald, owner of Urban Consign & Design, was driving back from picking up a motorcycle believed to be owned by Steve McQueen he got some very exciting news! Better Homes & Gardens was giving Natalie Morales of the Today Show a home make over.

They had furniture coming in, meaning they had to get furniture to go out, and they wanted to work with Urban Consign & Design! Aside from Natalie being amazingly sweet and beautiful, her home was exquisite and her kitchen to die for! Paul wanted to take her consigned pieces to his own home and give himself a home makeover. She had an entire living room designed by Holly Hunt, an Asian desk dating from the 1700-1800’s and various other beautiful pieces. The entire collection, pictured below, is now at the Urban Consign & Design store. Stay tuned for a feature in Homes & Gardens on furniture consignment!

Check it all out at Urban Consign & Design!

Natalie Morales sells her furniture to Urban Consign in Hoboken NJ

4 Responses

  1. Adam_C says:

    Just because she’s on TV doesn’t make her furniture special. I’ll pass.

    • PaulFitzgerald says:

      Hi Adam, it’s Paul from Urban Consign & Design. I couldn’t agree with you more! The owner doesn’t make the furniture special at all! It’s the high end quality of pieces like Holly Hunt furnishings for a fraction of the cost of retail that makes it special! Mrs. Morales being on tv is just a little fun twist!
      We have a bunch of fun, unique furnishings that you won’t find in most places! Along with very cool art! Stop by and check us out, you won’t be disappointed!
      (On a side note, Mrs. Morales could not have been nicer!)
      Cheers![quote comment=”223253″]Just because she’s on TV doesn’t make her furniture special. I’ll pass.[/quote]

  2. sassy lassie says:

    It looks like really nice stuff! No being on TV, or famous, does not mean necessarily one would have nice things but at the same time it is probably not all from IKEA either! Urban Consign & Design has some very unique pieces.

  3. OpenEyes says:

    I think Urban Consign is a great store! Paul is very helpful and nice . He will search for items and why pay huge mark ups on furniture if you don’t have to. He has an eclectic blend of items
    Now he has parking too

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