Pier C Park breaks again in Hoboken

A little over six months ago – Pier C Park needed some hefty repairs to the complicated “infrastructure.” (see that update after the jump…)

Well, it appears that the work wasn’t good enough and pipes sprung a leak once again, thus closing down the kiddie areas.

The question at hand is – why doesn’t the city get warranties on work performed by contractors? You know each one of these “repairs” comes with a nice fat bill that you’ll be the one that ends up paying.

And again, this was just one of the reasons why I felt that any new “park” that comes to town should be as simple as possible – which would allow it to be maintained for years in the future with the lowest potential costs.

Pier C Park broken again in Hoboken NJ

Shoddily built parks Hoboken NJ

Pier C Park in disrepair {already?}

6/5/2014 Update:

Since the weather became warm – Pier C Park in Hoboken has had water. Just everywhere else except where it was supposed to be!

What will break next at Pier C Park?

As you can see from the gallery above, water was leaking out of the sidewalks (probably weakening those as well – gotta have a paid repair job lined up in the future, right?).

Repair crews were on hand this week disassembling the sidewalk to gain access to the faulty plumbing and bring it back to spec.

Makes you wonder – since this pier is so shoddy, what will be the next thing to fail? Hopefully it’s not a piece of playground equipment and some kid gets hurt – don’t want to piss the stroller gang off!

Pier C Park Repairs Hoboken NJ