Aren’t these bike rack violations in Hoboken?

WTF bike rack violations taking away parking in Hoboken NJWe here at Hoboken411 don’t automatically embrace every newfangled “fad” the way the rest of the indoctrinated public do. We challenge them until we’re satisfied with their merits. It’s the way everyone should think, but when 98% of the country can barely “question authority” or are inflicted with “mob mentality,” you run into situations like this.

Sometimes what you think are bad ideas eventually turn out okay, but not in this instance.

Have you noticed all the new “bike racks” that have been installed near various intersections in Hoboken?

The pitch: “Promote “green” transportation.” Have “safe zones” to lock bicycles up. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Bike racks do not belong on streets in Hoboken, NJ

What I see here, is an empty bike rack near a bar and dry cleaner. Here are the obvious problems with this horrible implement:

  • The rack takes up an entire parking spot, in a city with scarce parking. Way to go!
  • It’s near a corner, and could be used by emergency vehicles (cops, EMTs), now they’ll just block the intersection, causing more “eco-unfriendly” traffic and carbon emissions each time there’s a call to that area.
  • DO BIKE RACKS GET TICKETS? It’s in the “Red Curb Zone!” God forbid!
  • So what about street cleaning? The sweeper cannot clean this area whatsoever.
  • So what about snow plowing? Good luck this coming winter. “Let’s unbolt 100 bike racks! More overtime!”

As you can see, these so-called societal “improvements” are far from it. It’s just more GUARANTEED property-taxpayer money that needs to be spent maintaining some fancy feature. Maybe if we got rid of these and hired more cops to keep the streets free from crime, people can just continue locking their bikes to trees or street signs like they used to.

bike rack violations in Hoboken NJ