Second-rate landscaping continues at Elysian Park

Resident Ivonne recently noticed some (once again) second-rate landscaping in Hoboken. This time at Elysian Park.

“Apparently Hoboken has hired a landscape architect who feels it is okay to plant shrubs on top of large tree roots coming out of the ground. I guess he does not take pride in his work.”

And who puts in all new plant material in a row? Absolutely no creativity or design incorporated.” (“You pay for what you get.”)

second-rate landscaping at Elysian Park Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Poop Offenders make life rough

“And ever since work began at Elysian Park, the grass there has been converted into the largest dog litter-field in Hoboken. Dog owners are allowing their dogs to urinate and defecate directly on the grass at all times of the day. I complained because small children play there, but nothing has been done.”

Hoboken Poop Offender Elysian Park

Why does Hoboken have second-rate landscaping?

5/29/2014 Update:

You ever wonder what kind of “services” we get for the money here in Hoboken? Do winning bidders for tasks like garbage collection or snow plowing just cut corners without any oversight from the city? Another thing to look at is the somewhat second-rate landscaping we apparently have.

As you can see below – the area around Sinatra Park recently got a “refresh” with new plants, etc.

new shrubs sinatra park hoboken NJ

Cheap shrubs seem to die pretty quickly

However – it makes you wonder how long these will last. Because as you might recall, the grass at Pier C Park pretty much died instantly. And now the new shrubs around the dog run at Sinatra Park are also turning brown. Are they getting these shrubs at a discount from China or something? Even if you try and blame dogs – then perhaps putting plants in close proximity to thousands of gallons of sour urine each week maybe isn’t such a bright idea.

We’ll see how long the new stuff lasts before it deteriorates.

dying shrubs at sinatra park in Hoboken NJ