WTF? War on Balloons in Hoboken – Why?

WTF war on balloons in Hoboken NJHoly crap. We have a “war on balloons” in Hoboken. What will they find fault in next? Did you see this sign over at the Brandt School?

“Balloons are prohibited in school due to safety reasons”

As long as I can remember – balloons have always been part of “festive” occasions. Birthdays, weddings, parties, circumcisions, elections, and any other kind of celebration. ESPECIALLY at kiddie events. Kids LOVE balloons!

I suppose some paranoid parent or school administrator was behind this lunacy. Likely because of the internet too.

As you might be aware, you can SEARCH for anything online to support a theory. Just try it with “Balloons dangerous” and you’ll get a whole cavalcade of scary stories of kids suffocating, OD’ing on helium, rashes from latex, gun-shaped balloons and more. God forbid, right?

What will they “prohibit” next? Shoelaces? Food? Water? You know, because people get injured and die from those things too! (That is a FACT…)

I just wonder why those same scaredy-cats can’t also Google “indoctrination at schools” or something similar. Perhaps this whole “Nanny-State” thing would go away. Haha!

War on Balloons in Hoboken NJ Brandt School