Would you tout a half accomplishment in Hoboken?

I find stickers that I spot in and around Hoboken quite interesting. A harmless way to “communicate” something to those that catch a glimpse. And you have a whole range to see, too. From environmental nut-jobs, to conspiracy kooks, college debt, people named “Vinny,” and even encouraging people to read. But one of the latest trends I’ve noticed are touting “half accomplishments.”

Would you be proud to say “I couldn’t finish the job?” Or “My kid got C-minuses on his report card!”?

That’s what our world has come to apparently, right up there with last-place trophies, now we have something called a “half marathon,” and people proudly spend the cash to put “13.1″ stickers on the backs of their cars. Is it just marketing? Or the ever-growing narcissistic need for attention?

half accomplishment half marathon sticker hoboken NJ

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