No bowling alley for Hoboken; NW area will remain a shit hole

Hoboken denies bowling alleyLast night, to a packed room – the Zoning Board denied a local developer the go ahead on what would have been the most exciting “progress” Hoboken has seen in a very long time. A mixed used project, complete with bowling alley, performance venue, various athletics facilities, residential living, some open space – and most importantly: some LIFE injected into the otherwise dreary NW area of the city.

Even better – a group of the smartest business owners were behind it (the chaps who run the wildly successful Pilsener Haus & Biergarten).

Peter Cunningham is mostly responsible for this travesty. They offered ZERO logical reasons why the application (which costs $80,000 to apply for) was denied. I say logical because they did offer bullshit reasons that made no sense – especially when there was no public opposition.

So now – instead of a vibrant project (which was overwhelmingly supported by the entire community, including the Fund for a Better Waterfront AND the Quality of Life Coalition), the developer has no other choice than to proceed with what IS approved: Industrial tenants.

Can’t blame a business owner wanting to make a profit, right? That’s the purpose! But when smart business owners start leaving Hoboken for better cities, and we just end up with chain stores – you can thank our lovely “Mayor.”

The board has the “power” to reverse their decision and approve this project right NOW. But what they’ve done instead is let that area remain without a pulse – a dangerous place at night, with more car burglaries by the week. I wonder how those jerkoff board members will feel when rapes and stabbings start trending higher in that area?

“Moving Hoboken Ahead,” my ass.

Zimmer and Cunningham prevent bowling alley in Hoboken NJ

How cool would a Hoboken Bowling alley be?


A Hoboken Bowling Alley has been on the list of “Hoboken Wants” forever. (That, along with others like a Taco Bell, Strip Club, Trader Jo’s, Whole Foods, etc.)

Well one Hoboken developer (Hany Ahmed), along with the proprietors of the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten have a plan to make that 10-pin dream a reality.

Hoboken Bowling coming soon

(You might say this scene above probably won’t pan out exactly like that…)

Breathing life into NW Hoboken: Bowling Alley, Rock-climbing gym

Up for a zoning “variance” next week, this parcel of land on Jefferson Street between 13th & 14th currently houses a mostly vacant industrial set of buildings. There is no residential property anywhere on the blocks immediately surrounding it.

Also presently under “remediation” is the 14th Street Viaduct, which once complete, a dog run and some basketball courts will abut the property to the north.

Hoboken Bowling Alley Rock Climbing Gym

Industrial warehouse + no columns = perfect match for bowling

Upon trying to figure out what could be done with this building, Ahmed noticed the unique construction of this “warehouse,” which was once used to for some kind of manufacturing (and still has inside a large crane apparatus in the rafters). The northern building, with it’s 200′ x 75′ footprint has no center columns, but instead is wide open inside, nearly four-stories in height, “first thing you want to do is play a game of stickball,” Ahmed said.

Besides stickball, what kind of business would benefit from an expansive, open layout? A bowling alley.

Initial concepts have up to 18 lanes, with room for a bar, restaurant as well as a live-performance venue – which Hoboken is severely lacking in – especially since Maxwell’s abandoned the Mile Square.

On the south end of this lot – the developer is courting The Gravity Vault, a rock-climbing “fitness” outfit who has three locations in New Jersey already. The building would be retro-fitted with a 40-foot wall that changes weekly to “challenge” climbers, as well as smaller walls for the kiddies.

And to round out the plan would be a 12 story residential structure (with parking) in the middle.

There will be a public meeting TONIGHT at 7pm over at the Kolo Klub uptown. Beer, soda and pretzels will be provided for those who attend. Should be around one hour long.

This project is going in front of the Hoboken Zoning Board next week. As you may know, things like “Master Plans” and “expediency” do not rhyme well in Hoboken – which is why you need to leave “vision and progress” to intelligent business owners instead.

Would you support a novel and interesting proposal like this in Hoboken?