A reader told me they were at Madison tonight, and took this picture of a new sign they had on the front door! Hooray!



Figured I’d add the news report for those that missed it..

Oh, and see the CBS2 news report from tonight here.


hoboken-woman-hates-turbans.jpgOne mans religious faith leads to bias allegations against a Hoboken resident.

WNBC reported that Carrie Covello, 37, of Hoboken, allegedly tried to rip the turban off a Sikh man’s head over at Madison Bar & Grill early yesterday morning.

38-year old Hansdip Singh Bindra, of Union City said “I was just placing an order, and thought someone was trying to rip my turban off.” He thought this was the last thing you’d expect, even being at a bar filled with intoxicated patrons after midnight. He claims Covello wanted him to remove his turban because she didn’t like it. He then advised the bouncer of the situation, but called the police anyway, who eventually arrested the woman and charged her with bias intimidation and harassment. Penalties vary from probation to a year and a half in prison, if she’s convicted. He said that if bias crimes like this go without consequences, they’re apt to commit them again.

Covello later admitted “touching” the turban, but claims she was only goofing around and having fun. Bindra said he felt violated because wearing a turban is part of the five mandated articles of faith of the Sikh religion.

Dave Carney, owner of the Madison bar said “It’s deplorable behavior from a customer we hope to never see again.”