Same old song and dance with Hoboken Flooding

Hoboken flooding is a GIVEN any time there’s an extended period of moderate rain. Even more so when it coincides with high tides, certain wind direction and so on. Pumps are useless, and are a blatant waste of property taxpayer funds (no matter where they were “re-directed” from).

The type of flooding we’re having tonight is of the “standard” type. Not storm surge related, but due to the antiquated infrastructure in town, coupled with the below sea-level aspect of certain areas of the city. We’ve talked about and “covered” this so many times – it should be burned into the brain of everyone. Doesn’t deserve the “coverage” that other people get hard-ons for. It’s a fact of life here in this dense, over-populated and over-developed city.

It should only become “news” when it is life-threatening. Like a tsunami. Or tidal wave. Or filled with sharks and stingrays. Or hot bikini-clad pro-surfing chicks from Hawaii.

Other than that – stay dry Hoboken!

Hoboken Flooding April 30 2014 same ole

Hoboken Flooding April 30 2014 what else is new