Hoboken upgrades little league field. Roads remain shoddy

Perhaps I’m being a bit too logical here. But say you owned a brownstone in Hoboken. You have certain yearly expenses, as well as a budget, and (hopefully) a regular income. How would you handle ongoing (planned and unplanned) outflows during the year?

You put aside money to “upgrade” your bathroom later in the year. But you soon realized that your basement had a fairly severe leak which was causing ongoing damage (worse by the week). The available cash you have can do one of the two. Wouldn’t you pick the most urgent need? Even if you have to postpone the bathroom job?

I guess that’s what normal households do.

But have you driven around Hoboken? Each and every road is skull-rattling. Worse by the week. Yet the city somehow finds funds to upgrade the little league field? Shouldn’t the city “borrow” whatever funds were set aside to make something “look nice,” and fill more pressing matters?

Hoboken Little League Field Upgrades

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