Cui Bono? The unwarranted assault on plastic bags

a bad use for plastic bagsGod, this is right up there with the assault on the R-word!

Another group of “useful idiots” recently launched a campaign to “reduce plastic bags” in Jersey City.

What is “reduce” plastic bags anyway? Doesn’t even make sense!

Here’s a snippit from their press release: “ReUse Jersey City’s sole goal is to rid Jersey City of disposable paper and plastic bags and replace them with sustainable, reusable bags. Single use bags litter the city, cost the City money to clean and dispose of, clog storm drains, and kill marine animals. ReUse Jersey City incentivizes reusable bag usage through a free smartphone app that directs donations to local charities whenever residents forgo using a single use bag.”

(oh God, they had to drag the magic keyword “charity” into this mind-meld too, didn’t they…)


Shoprite grocery bags are used for garbage all over the house (kitchen, office, bathrooms), and any other bags we have left are used to pick up dog poop! In fact, when checking out – I try to take 10 or 20 extra bags! (Thank you very much!)

So who benefits by using those hokey “reusable shopping bags?” I don’t know about you – but I believe this “feel good environmental bag movement” must have been covertly sponsored by companies like Glad or Hefty. Who else would benefit from the increased sales of “regular” trash bags?

Every time I see someone with one of those re-usable bags, I shake my head – wondering what else they were unfortunate enough to get duped into. (I bet I can sell a “green” bridge to one of them… haha!)

Hooray for plastic bags in Hoboken NJ