Would reducing street cleaning in Hoboken be a good idea?

Reducing street cleaning in Hoboken NJNoticed a new “trend” in Hoboken as of late. Dual Street Sweepers.

Other than Washington Street (which is every weekday), all other streets in Hoboken are cleaned once a week.

For all the time I’ve been in town, I never really noticed that the streets were strewn with litter (with the exception of some of the back corners of town.) And it seems that they’re getting a bit excessive with the dual sweeper action nowadays. What, do they have money to burn at City Hall?

That said, would reducing street cleaning to twice a month, even ONCE a month work out? The immediate benefits:

  • Less street-clogging traffic as the sweeper creates jams all over town every day.
  • Less pollution.
  • Less overhead at city hall (employees, equipment maintenance and expenditures).

However, we think this idea will NEVER be entertained by the administration clowns. One simple reason. They do the street cleaning for REVENUE. The “clean” operative is just a distraction. They’d have millions less for crony raises otherwise.

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