Livability: What keeps you here? What would you miss about Hoboken?

This past weekend, we attended a friends “goodbye gathering,” as they were taking the family and moving out of Hoboken at the end of the month. As residents for many years, tons of questions came up during the party – and it morphed into a Q&A forum about what they liked about Hoboken, why they chose it, their new location – and things they might “miss” about the infamous Mile Square city. The opinions in the group varied tremendously.

What would you miss about hoboken nj if you left

Pros and cons with every place you live, right?

Newer residents (and those with no kids) seemed to still be “in love” with what Hoboken has to offer, while others (and those with bigger families) were sort of “at the end of their ropes” or longing for more (real) space and competent governance.

As expected, most people appreciated the “conveniences” that a city like Hoboken has to offer. Transportation, nightlife, relative safety, friends. And almost everyone agreed that city living can be tight at times, lack of park space and groaned that politics and taxes (compared to what is delivered by City Hall) are incongruous. Schools? Well that debate is a bit too lengthy to elaborate here – and don’t really apply to those without kids. However…

This particular couple, when asked “What would you miss about Hoboken (the city itself)” actually said “nothing.”

“You can’t have the mentality that physically attaches you to places you live. We feel that embracing our new home is time better spent. Most everything is replaceable.”

Wow, right? But I suppose if you have certain bars, groups of friends or favorite restaurants and delis – those aren’t always easy to replicate. And most people’s jobs (and even relationships) dictate where they can live.

But what would you seriously miss about Hoboken – if you could have a similar living arrangement elsewhere?