R-word, retarded… why exactly is this sign necessary?

Recently in front of the Imago Beauty Group salon at 113 Washington Street was this “politically correct” sign that read:

“R-WORD: SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD. The R-word is the word “retard(ed).” Why does it hurt? The R-word hurts because it is exclusive. It’s offensive. It’s derogatory. The R-word is hate speech.

Recognizing that our choice of language frames how we think about others, we pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities…”

r-word retarded sign in Hoboken NJ Imago Beauty Group

Get over yourself and don’t tell me what to say!

The phrase for people who embrace “social movements” like this is: “useful idiots.” This type of “debate” is only out there to divide the populous, in order to distract them from the real problems of this world. In other words, it is entirely pointless, and this overly-sensitive group of people are really just wasting their time. To be “offended” is purely your choice, and well within your control.

To quote a great piece my friend Mokokoma from South Africa wrote about this very subject:

“Words only mean [to us] what we allow them to mean to us… calling a cat a dog doesn’t really make or change the cat; so, why be put down by being called a fool, a nigger, a loser or, a kaffir? While the offender needs to offend to be, reality is that to be offended is the choice of the offended.

Indeed our stupidity is both entertaining and saddening. Our supply of intelligence and common sense is so low that we, instead of refusing to be offended, find refuge in self-deceptive linguistic devices such as:

  1. Political correctness, i.e., the avoidance of forms of expression that are perceived to exclude, marginalize or, insult, groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against; and
  2. Euphemism, i.e., mild or indirect words or expressions substituted for those that are considered to be too hard or “too blunt” when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

proofraeders are overrated

It’s YOUR attitude, not MY words!

“We write “f@#k” in place of “fuck.” Even though “f@#k” means “fuck” to the reader’s mind. “The four-letter word,” too, brings “fuck” to the mind. Yet we think that by writing “f@#k” and by saying “The Four-Letter Word” – instead of “fuck,” we are actually being polite and/or smart. Go figure!

This is of course, the very same foolishness that Louis C.K. tried to bring to our attention with “The N-Word” joke. Which basically revolves around how some “black” people are offended by the word “nigger,” but not the phrase “The N Word.”

Yet the phrase “The N-Word” and the word “nigger” bring to mind the very same race. In the same way the so-called “black” people are – as a collective – a referent to which black people, niggers, kaffirs, blacks, darkies, etc. refer.

Still and all, I still find being offended – by being called something, say a nigger, or an abbie or a dick or a greaseball or a pussy or a merkin or a cracker or a bitch or whatever – as a symptom of intellectual childishness; which is, of course, an inevitable, not to mention costly, price that the semantics-ignorant pay.

Nothing has the power to make one happy or unhappy. It is one’s attitude towards a thing that does. It is one’s attitude towards that thing, not the thing in itself – that has the power to make one happy or unhappy.”

There you go. It’s time to trash that retarded “r-word” sign and instead go change your attitude from within – one “social sucker” at a time.