300 Washington – When?

When will 300 Washington be built in Hoboken?

Over two years ago, a raging fire essentially destroyed the historical building located at 300 Washington Street. It’s been an empty lot since they demolished it.

However, the Architects over at Minervini Vandermark have had the design of the replacement structure (which has apparently been “approved” by City Hall) sitting on the shelf for a while.

When will they start building it to restore the look of this neighborhood? Is the fact that nothing has happened yet a sign of upcoming economic stress for our area?

Below is a superimposed image of what the spot would look like once built. What do you think of this design? Or should they have tried replicating the building that perished?

Minervini Vandermark Architecture 300 Washington Street Hoboken NJ

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4 Comments on "300 Washington – When?"

1 year 9 months ago

Fits better with the neighborhood than the awful looking bank across the street.

Angry Bird
1 year 9 months ago

Not a very timeless design, as the rest of Washington is. But today’s buyers will sell in a handful of years and will not worry about tomorrow. If it ever gets built, that is.

1 year 9 months ago

This particular architectural firm has absolutely no regard for the character of this city. Just take a look at the monstrosity that they designed and built in Willow Terrace. City Hall may have approved this design, which is no surprise, as they have approved every other disgusting glass tower that has gone up in this town since Zimmer has been in office. You are so right, Angry. When the mood suits,those who occupy that mess, if it’s built, will hit the road and leave us to deal with the “new” Hoboken character.[quote comment=”223003″]Not a very timeless design, as the rest… Read more »

1 year 9 months ago

Are those real humans on the right and a race of Tinies, some embedded in the sidewalk, on the left? There are at least two in the bushes: one perhaps trying to push the building down, the other apparently squatting as a camper might do behind bushes. The leftmost one looks like a woman on her knees servicing an invisible client.

And none of the Tinies cast a shadow. Undead?