More parking meter rackets

Parking meter racket continues in Hoboken

Hoboken411 reader Leigh overheard the most ridiculous situation over at the Hoboken Parking Utility (or HPU – which also stands for “Hoboken Pickpocketing Underworld”).

“I was waiting in line at the Parking Authority this morning and I heard a woman discussing her parking ticket with one of the parking supervisors. She said she had a doctor’s appointment at 9am. She tried putting money into the parking meter machine prior to 9am but was not allowed to since parking is free from 9pm-9am. If someone had a meeting from 8am-10am, they are almost guaranteed a ticket unless they are able to come outside and pay the machine at 9. The supervisor said there was nothing he could do about the ticket or the machines. These machines have been in use for over a year. How is this even still an issue?”

So in other words – even if you WANT to pay ahead of time you cannot. Boy, I could hire a $2/hour programmer from overseas to fix this “glitch” in about 15 minutes. That’s just 50 cents. Let’s see how much the city “budgets” for to fix this asinine problem. My guess it’s six figures.

Parking Meter Racket in Hoboken NJ hours

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1 year 9 months ago

I reported something similar a few weeks back… same problem happens at the end of the parking day–the meters won’t let you pay ‘through’ 9PM. The city didn’t do much functional testing before implementing, it appears.

1 year 9 months ago

I have had this issue for a long time. I have tried to pay in advance because of a Dr’s appt at 8:30, which I knew I would run at least 1/2 hour past 9, but I was unable to pay for in advance. I just don’t know why the meters would be programmed to reject money! Very un-user friendly – not to mention the sketchy credit card set up (when it is even working!)

1 year 9 months ago

How doth the City pad the budget? Let us count the ways…